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Aaron Shoemaker

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Aaron's only a Freshman!!

His 4 lift totals were:

Bench Press:  235 lbs.

Squat:  265 lbs

Power Clean:  155 lbs.

Dead Lift:  355 lbs

Aaron's next goal is 1200 lbs.  His goal will be accomplished by increasing his squat by 75 lbs, his dead lift by 75 lbs, his bench press by 20 lbs, and his power clean by 30 lbs.

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Jared Shoemaker

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Jared's a Junior, and has a great chance at hitting 1200 lbs. by the end of the school year.  His current total is 1045 lbs.

Bench  175 lbs

Squat  285 lbs

Dead Lift  400 lbs

Clean  185

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Brad Walters

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Brad's a junior, and working hard on improving his total toward the 1200 lb goal.  His totals are:

Bench  185 lbs

Dead Lift  400 lbs

Squat  305 lbs

Clean  145 lbs

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Erick Hickman

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Erick's been lifting "seriously" for just a few weeks.  He show's great promise to be one of the first to reach 1200 lbs.

Erick's totals:

Bench Press:  185 lbs

Squat:  325 lbs

Dead Lift:  395 lbs

Cleans:  135 lbs

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Brent Kaschmiter

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Brent's one of the strongest athletes at Salmon River High.

His totals are:

Bench Press--265 lbs

Squat--365 lbs

Dead Lift--395 lbs

Clean--175 lbs

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Derek Spicklemire

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As a sophomore, Darek's been lifting very hard,   he show's great potential to play in college


Bench Press--175 lbs

Squat--335 lbs

Deadlift--305 lbs

Clean--175 lbs

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