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8-Man Offensive "schemes"

Coacher's 8-Man Site

Coach "Al" has put together a comprehensive package on 8-man Football

Treasure State 8 Man Site

Montana's 8-Man Site contains a variety of 8-man "O" schemes

The Zone, a football coaching site. One of the most extensive Football Coaching Sites on the Web - Posted 01-17-99

C.O.A.C.H. - The On-Line Database For Football Coaches

Quarter Backs:

Quarterback Stance
Football Faxuals

Quarterbacks and Coaching
An offensive system, from the quarterbacks point of view

Toby's Football Drill Site
3 pages of QB Drills

The Hampton University Underneath Controlled Passing Game
Joe Taylor, Head Coach, Hampton University

Running Backs:

Toby's Football Drill Site
7 pages of RB Drills

Fullback and Runningback Stance
Football Faxuals

Coacher's Drill Page
2 RB Drills (Oklahoma and Bull-in-the-Ring)

Recievers/Tight Ends

Catch the Ball
John Ramsdell, Receiver Coach, University of Oregon

Essential Elements of Running Pass Routes vs. "Man-Off" Defenders
Ron Jenkins

Essential Elements of Running Pass Routes vs. Cover-Two
Ron Jenkins

Improving your Perimiter Run Game Through the Stalk Block
Bob Ford, Head Football Coach and Chad Martinovich, Receivers Coach, University of Albany

Oklahoma State's Wide Receiver Blocking
Ron Calcagni, Quarterback Coach, Oklahoma State University

Routes vs. Bump and Run
Essential Elements of Running Pass Routes vs. Bump and Run Defender (Ron Jenkins)

The Three Pre-Snap Keys to Coverage Recognition
Dante Wright, Receiver Coach,
North Texas

Toby's Football Drill Site
14 pages of Receiver and Receiver/QB Drills

Wide Receiver Techniques
Jay Wilkinson


        Offensive Line Coaching Resource with "GREAT" links for football coaches

         Anderson's O-Line Quick Tips

One-Back Draw Blocking Scheme
John Benton,Colorado State University

Blocking Fundamentals
Football Faxuals

Coacher's Offensive Line Drills

Coaching Offensive Line
The Football Clinic

Linemen Win Games
drills and skills, both run blocking and pass blocking

Offensive Line Message Board

Offensive Line Stance
Football Faxuals

Pass Protection
Football Faxuals

Run and Shoot Pass Protection
West Coast Site

Teaching the Drive Block
Steve Loney, Iowa State University

Toby's Football Drill Site
8 pages of O-Line Drills


8-Man "D" Sites

3-2 Monster Defense
Matt McCale

3-2-3 Blitz Package
John Carbon

3-3 Defense
Dave Nelson

3-4-1 Stunts and Blitzes
Rick Miller

4-2-2 Blitz Package
Jonathan Black

4-2-2 Stunts and Blitzes

          8-Man Defense Site


Defensive Line

Mississippi State's Speedrusher - (Development of Speedrushers)
John Hendrick, Defensive Line Coach, Mississippi State University

Pass Rush

Teaching Defensive Linemen
Tim Lumpkin, Mesquite High School

Toby's Football Drill Site
5 pages of D-Line drills


Linebacker Agilities

Linebacker Fundamentals
Football Faxuals

Linebacker Keys
Chris Jones, Mesquite High School, 1989

Linebackers Coverage Drills

Linebackers Run Drills

Linebackers Tackling Drills

Texas Linebackers Key Reads
Danny Rocco, Linebacker Coach, University of Texas

Toby's Football Drill Site
6 pages of LB drills

DB's & Secondary: 


DB Drills

DB Drills for Coverage

Drills to Develop Defensive Backs

Nickel Site
Coach Rice

Red Zone

Secondary Coverage Drills
Dave Francour, Marinette

Secondary Fundamentals

Secondary Keys

Secondary Pass Fundamentals

Secondary Run Fundamentals

Tennessee's Bump & Run Coverage
Kevin Ramsey, Defensive Back Coach, University of Tennessee

Toby's Football Drill Site
10 pages of DB drills

Utilizing Leverage in Pass Coverage
Warren Swann, 1995


Special Teams:

Importance of Kick-Off Coverage in High School
Brent Claflin, Head Football Coach, Southern Door High School, Wisconsin

Kicking Drills

San Diego Charger's Kick-off Coverage
Chuck Priefer, Special Teams, San Diego Chargers

Kicking Drills

Northwestern's Punt Return
Ron Vanderlinden, Northwestern's Defensive Coordinator

Pressure-Look Punt Return
AFQ Research Staff

Punting: All-Pro Drop Techniques and Execution
Ray Pelfrey, Director, Pelfrey's Professional Kicking Services

Toby's Football Drill Site
2 Punter drills


Developing that Mental Edge - Incorporating Sport Psychology in Your Coaching
Daniel Gould, Ph.D. and Mark Adams, B.S., Department of Exercise and Sport Science, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Earning The Right To Win
Troy Hamilton, viaCoachers 8 Man Offense Site

Outline to Victory
AFQ Research Staff

The Values of Participation in Football
Terry Price, Head Football Coach, Maranatha Baptist Bible

Vince Lombardi
Official Lombardi Site

Other Great Coaching Links:

BC Warrior Football Coaching Page 

The Press Box

Toby's Football Coaching Site

Coach B's Web Page

Coaching American Football with a European Point of View  

The Football Clinic

The Zone

Bill Vasko's Prime Time Page


Coach Houston's Football Site for Coaches

Coach Wyatt's Football Coaching Web Page 
General information for football coaches; specific emphasis on double-wing offense

Coaches Services
"The Coaches On-Line Connection"

Coaching Football Online

Football Coaches Notebook

Freeb's Football Site

Let's Talk Defense
Site devoted to defense and special teams.

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