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THE nutrition program to get:


If you eat like a bird--you'll look like a


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In order to perform well, at one's best, you must EAT WELL.  The majority of high school athletes don't eat very well.  The main reason for this, is that they don't have a plan or the motivation to stay on a good nutritional plan.  The following is a great plan to help provide high octane fuel to get "bigger, faster, stronger".

The "system" is very simple.  Each day  strive to score a total of 10 points per meal, and 40 points per day.  Eating three meals and one snack in the evening (if work-out is in the morning, have a 5 point snack prior to the work-out.  Eat a 10 point breakfast within one hour of the completion of  the work-out.  The evening snack would be at least a 5 point meal.)

Any "good" food from one of the basic food groups (dairy, meat, bread/cereal, fruits/vegetables) is given two points per serving.  An extra large portion is given one bonus point.   A salad or sandwich gets a maximum of 5 points, and the maximum points per meal or snack is 10 points.

Now how would junk food be handled?  Simple...for each serving of soda pop, candy, chips, etc. is a one point DEDUCTION! 


Keep a daily journal of   your eating patterns.  It will amaze you how much you ARE NOT eating.  If you are serious about getting "bigger, faster, and stronger", you must make the same commitment to your nutritional plan, as you make to your strength and conditioning plan.

In order to get BIG, you must consume more calories than you expend. Many athletes expend 5,000 or more calories daily.  Therefore, a huge amount must be eaten in order to gain weight.    The way to get big is NEVER miss a workout, especially squats, and eat a big 40 points per day.  The snack portion of the plan is just as important as the 3 meals.  Don't let your plan slide, or your weight and the poundages in your work-outs will do the same thing.


If you have difficulty in achieving the 40 point goal, it may be necessary to use a food supplement.  Don't spend a ton of money on Nutritional Food Supplements.  The only extras that should be given consideration are Whey Protein Powders, and  Weight Gainer Powders.   Most everything else in the market place is all hype and little substance.   So far no one has developed a "magic potion" that replaces hard work and good nutrition.

On Steroids...Don't even consider them.  Even if taken for a short period of time, an athlete can have long lasting, negative health results that WILL put your life in jeopardy.  The short term "benefits" of steroids are not worth losing your life over!

Remember, the real key is training  intensity, consistency, a great nutritional plan and a hard core strength and conditioning program.

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