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I.  Overcoming Plateaus

The BFS Super Set-Rep Program virtually eliminates plateaus.  You should always be in a position of making progress.  No other program can do this.  If you have been doing 3 sets of 10 reps, 1 set of 15 reps, 5 sets of 5 reps, you no doubt reach a plateau very quickly.   You cannot do the same workout time after time.  You must alternate lifts, percentages of maximums, and alternate sets and reps.  Even with more complex systems, such as cycle/circuit workouts you will still eventually hit a plateau.  The BFS system allows you to alternate your lifts, sets and reps in such a way that a specific workout is repeated only every fifth week.   This system has two simple rules:  First, establish your records, and second, break those records!  If you follow this system exactly, you will never reach a plateau. Keep track of your progress on the BFS set/rep log sheets.

II.  The Workout

The lifting part of the program consists of a 3-day workout week.  If you lift more times than that, you will probably neglect or underemphasize other important training areas like flexibility, agility, plyometrics and speed training.

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Dot Drill/Agility

Box Squat or    Squat Variation(1)

Towel Bench or Bench Variation(2)

Auxiliary Lifts


Dot Drill/Agility

Sprint Work




Dot Drill/Agility

Power Clean

Dead Lift(5)

Auxiliary Lifts


Dot Drill/Agility

Sprint Work




Dot Drill/Agility

Parallel Squat

Bench Press

Auxiliary Lifts


            (1)Other Squat Variations:  Front Squats or One legged Squats or Lunges.

                (2)Acceptable Bench Variations:  Close Grips, Wide Grips or Inclines.

                (3)Flexibility and agility can be done outside of the weight room.  Your flexibility program can be done before and after your lifting                    program for the best results.  The BFS 10-minute 1-2-3-4 flexibility program and BFS Dot Drill are available on video.

                (4)The effect of plyometrics can be measured by testing the vertical jump and standing long jump.

               (5)It is recommended that a Trap Bar be used for dead lifts.  If a trap bar is not available, a spotted dead lift could be used.

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You must make strength gains during the season.  You need to work-out twice per week. The second day's work-out is amazing from a recovery standpoint.  For example, you can do this the day before a game.  The first day's work-out, however, is tough.  You'll need at least 48 hours recovery before a game.





Dead Lifts

Box Squat

Towel Bench


Your sets and reps will be cut down slightly on weeks two and three (see the BFS set rep Log Sheet).  Cut down  the 5 x 5 sets to 3 x 5 and the 5-4-3-2-1 sets to 5-3-1.  Still total your set workout.   Your efforts and procedure of breaking your Rep Records remain the same.

III.  The BFS Set-Rep Rotation System

Start right in with 3 sets of 3 reps (see set-rep log sheet).  This is the first week of the BFS 4-week cycle.  You will do 3 sets of 3 reps on each core lift this entire first week.   You will also begin recording your workouts as you establish your rep records and set records!!


       BOX SQUATS:  First set,  45-145 lbs. x 3 reps.  Now for the 2nd set, you may either go up in   poundage, stay the same or go down.  Let's say you do 175 pounds for the second set and 205           for the 3rd set. Important Concept: on the final set, you should do 3 or more reps; up to 10           reps.  Don't worry if this 1st weeks routine seems too easy, you need to be concerned about           proper lifting and spotting techniques.

        TOWEL BENCH:  Since most athletes know their max. on the bench, use 70% of your max. for  your first set.  If you've never done benches before, use 70% of your body weight, or 105 lbs.,          whichever is less.  If this is too much weight for 3 reps, drop the poundage.  For your 2nd set,          you may go up, stay the same or go down in poundage.  Do 3 or more reps on the final set, up to       10 reps.

        RECORDING YOUR WORKOUTS: (use the set rep log sheet!)  For example

                                                               BOX SQUAT

3 145 TOTAL 525#      
3 175
3+ 205/10 DATE 1/9

   Using the above routine for Box Squats, the work-out would be recorded as above (note: that on the 3+ set, 205 lbs. was lifted 10 times. This is recorded as 205/the number of reps. The next time increase the amount of weight until you can do that weight 10 times. Etc).  The total amount of weight lifted is the Set Record.  Each time you do a routine, set a new Set Record!!



        CLEAN:  Do the 3 x 3 workout.  Use 70% of your maximum.  If you've never cleaned before, use 70% of your body weight or 105 pounds, whichever is the least.  Use the same procedure for the 2nd and 3rd set as on Monday's work-out and record your efforts as outlined above.  On the final set you should do 3+ reps up to 5 reps.

        DEAD LIFT:   Do the 3 x 3 workout.  Start with 145 pounds or your body weight, whichever is the least.  Follow the same procedure and again, record your efforts.  


        BENCH PRESS:   Do the 3 x 3 workout.  Use the same poundage's and procedures as in Monday's Towel Bench work-out.

        SQUAT:   Do the 3 x 3 workout and use the same weights and procedures as in Monday's Box Squat work-out.

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        5 sets of 5 reps (5 x 5).  This is a brutal and long workout.  You may wish to cut down to 3 sets of 5 because of time or energy (especially on the Dead Lift and Clean Day).  Select your poundage's as in the first week. Record your efforts.  IMPORTANT:  Do 5 or more reps on the last set (up to 10) except Clean and Dead Lift, which should be no more than 5 reps.  Push your self to the point of failure on that last set!!

    You will notice that you go no more than 5 reps on cleans and dead lift.  Doing extra reps on these two lifts could cause an injury, especially to the lower back.  As fatigue sets in, chance for muscle spasms and incorrect lifting techniques increase.


        5-4-3-2-1.  This is not quite as hard as 5 x 5, but you still may need to cut this down to 5-3-1 because of time or energy.   IMPORTANT:  Do one or more reps on the last set.  GO TO FAILURE!!

        The third week is a perfect time to max out on a one-rep max, just by following the regular routine and using the earlier sets as a warm-up.


        10-8-6  or  4-4-2  Here is your chance to establish another set record.  The sets and reps are 10-8-6 with the Bench, Towel Bench, Box Squat and Squat, but are 4-4-2 with the Clean and Dead Lift.   Record your efforts.  IMPORTANT:  Do 6+ or 2+ reps on the last set depending on the core lift.


        Now the fun of the BFS system kicks into gear.  From now on every time you come into the weight room, you've got a challenge and an objective.   You should try to break as many Set-Rep records as possible.  Begin the 5th week by again doing the 3 x 3 workout.  Your objective is to do more total weight and additional weight/reps on that all important 3rd set (3+).


        Break your 5 x 5 records!


        Break your 5-4-3-2-1 records!


        Break your 10-8-6 or 4-4-2 records!

Now keep rotating your workouts in this 4-week cycle.  You can expect to break 8 or more records per week, 400 records per year.   Remember we are not concerned with only breaking a 1 rep max, but all kinds of set-rep records.  For example, if we break a 3-set or 5-set record our one-rep max will have to go up!  What would happen if you broke 8 personal records per week for one year?  It kind of boggles the min...doesn't it.  The SKY'S THE LIMIT!!



A.  Warm-ups:   If you lift over 200 pounds, you will most definitely need warm-up sets.   Usually these sets can be done with 5 reps.  Use the following as a guideline to warm-ups.


If Your Routine Begins With: Warm-up With:

Less than 200





0-1 set

1-2 sets

2-3 sets

3-4 sets

4-5 sets

Example:  5 x 5 set with 275 lbs.--warm-up with 195 & 235

B.  Missing a Rep:   Sometimes you may miss a rep.  For example, you're trying to do 3 x 3 with 275 and on the last set you can only do 2 reps.  You have 2 options:

    1.  Rest and try again with the same or lighter weight

   2.  Penalize yourself 5 pounds per 100 pounds on the bar (in the above, for example, you would penalize yourself 10 pounds).

C.  Adjusting:   The BFS system gives you the flexibility in adjusting poundage's as you progress through your workout.  For example, your 3 x 3 set record is 1095 pounds.  So you do your first set with 370 pounds and it's fairly easy.  On your next set you select 390 pounds, and it's super tough (but you still get those 3 reps!).   Therefore, on your 3rd set you bring it back down to 370 pounds.  Now you've set a new set-rep record of 1130 pounds!

D.  When to Start Over:   You should start your records over after a layoff of 3 or more weeks, a major sickness or a big drop in weight, or after two-a-days.

E.  Time and/or Facility Challenges:  The in-season workout can be used if time or facilities are limited, for your off-season program (PE Class, Large Class, Small Weight Room, etc).

F.  Diet:  Check out a great way to assure your body of the fuel it needs to get Bigger, Faster, Stronger.  BFS Nutrition.

G.  Auxiliary lifts:   Generally, we recommend that you choose about five auxiliary exercises that will help you win in your sport.  Typically do 2 sets of 10 reps, and no more than 5 auxiliary exercises per workout session.  Record your Auxiliary lifts on this form.

    Suggested Aux. Lifts for Football:

Neck exercises:  Utilizing a plate harness, front to back, back to front, and side to side.

Leg curls:  A must for Hamstring development, leg strength balance, and speed.

Military Press:  Great for shoulder strength, and upperbody explosiveness.  Place bar on lower pecs to start.  End overhead with arms locked.

Incline Bench:  Duplicates blocking position and therefore strengthens the upper chest and arms for more powerful blocking.

Heavy Dips:   Unbelievable in developing powerful triceps and pecs.  A must for every routine!

Straight-leg Dead Lift:  Use very light weight (no more than 40% of squat max.).  Do every rep slow and controlled. This exercise is on of the great keys to improving speed.

Where do you stand?

(a great chart of core lift standards and comparisons)